Welcome back to another edition of Dewdney Diaries!

We’re well into May now, so before we forget, let’s go back to April and recap the month’s events and four-legged characters.

A baby raccoon

This fluffy baby raccoon might seem cuddly, but if you find a baby animal in the wild, you shouldn’t touch it! This one had to be stabilized and sent to Crittercare.

It's baby season. If you find a baby animal DON'T touch it. Contact Crittercare at 604-530-2064 or for baby birds Wildlife rescue at Burnaby Lake. 604-526-7275. This little guy will be stabilized and sent to Crittercare

Posted by Dewdney Animal Hospital Ltd. on Monday, April 20, 2015



Rabbit Rescue

One of the feel-good days of April came when Dewdney Animal Hospital and Katie’s Place, a volunteer animal-shelter here in Maple Ridge, decided to join forces. We donated our entire surgical staff to perform as many spays and neuters as we could cram in a day.

Small animal rescue, Katie's place and Dewdney Animal hospital have teamed up. We have donated our entire surgical suite and staff to do as many rabbit neutered and spays as we can fit in one day.

Posted by Dewdney Animal Hospital Ltd. on Wednesday, April 22, 2015



It’s tick season!

Yes, it’s already that time of year. Make sure you watch out for these things, and if you really want to play it safe, consider a product like Revolution or Advantage Multi.

It's tick season. Keep a look out on your pet for these little guys or apply revolution or advantage multi

Posted by Dewdney Animal Hospital Ltd. on Friday, April 24, 2015



Don’t blink!

Check out this sped-up video of poison dart frogs getting lunch. It’s truly ribbitting:

Feeding time at Dewdney. A sped up video of poison dart frogs eating

Posted by Dewdney Animal Hospital Ltd. on Monday, April 20, 2015


The frog tank has been moved to Dr. Walton’s office, and it’s been coming along nicely.

Frog tank at Dewdney Animal Hospital

The move was stressful for them, but they got over it.



Big Boy on the move

We called this cat “Big Boy”. But now he has a new home and a new name: “Teddy”.

Cat meets his new family at Dewdney Animal Hospital

He’s going to a great family.



Ride him cowboy!

This lizard has found a creative way to get around. He better hope that dog doesn’t know how to roll over!

Lizard riding a dog

Both animals actually belong to our technician. They’ll be partners-in-crime for years to come.



That’s all we have for this month. We look forward to the rest of May!


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