It’s April! Can you believe it?

March was a blur for us at Dewdney. Let’s hit the pause button, rewind, and relive the highlights of the past month!


Dr. Walton on CTV: Plants to keep away from your pet

Everyone knows that regular walks are extremely important for dogs, but not everyone knows about the hazardous plants your dog might encounter! In March’s CTV segment, Dr. Walton explained what you need to look out for, including the hogweed, mushrooms, and something far more common which you might not expect!

Dr. Walton on CTV



The recovery of Willow the Husky

It was roughly a month ago when Willow, a severely emaciated husky, caught the attention of thousands of pet owners in the Lower Mainland and beyond. In case you missed it, Willow was discovered walking the streets of Maple Ridge, starving to the point that she was eating gravel to survive.

An emaciated husky named Willow

Since weighing in at a mere 15 kilograms, Willow has been on the mend, gaining some much needed weight and learning to have fun again. By mid-March, she found her forever home. Willow’s turnaround has been unbelievable, and her story will be remembered for a long time.



A headstrong crow released back to the wild.

This crow had a bit of a headache after flying into a car. Luckily, Dewdney was able to get him fixed up and flying around again in no time.

Realeasing an injured crow….

Posted by Dewdney Animal Hospital Ltd. on Tuesday, March 31, 2015


He decided not to stick around. Frankly, we were kind of relieved about that, considering he was part of a MURDER! 😆



A garter snake tailed off.

Back in February, a construction crew in Delta came upon a writhing ball of 400 garter snakes. These hibernating snakes were balled up to stay warm over the winter, and they ended up at Burnaby’s Wildlife Rescue Association.

One snake needed a tail amputated. Of course, that’s where Dewdney Animal Hospital factored in!

A snake requiring amputation of the tail

The snake has rejoined her 399 friends, and they’ll be released back into the wild as soon as the weather is warm enough.



The “Awwwws” of March.

We’ll conclude this edition of Dewdney Diaries with puppies and kittens. We hope you don’t mind!

Min Pin Puppy at Dewdney Animal Hospital

Kitten at Dewdney Animal Hospital

Not as cute as a garter snake, but close. 😉



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