Three Months as a Vet

Behind-the-Scenes at Dewdney

Have you ever wondered what goes on backstage at a veterinary clinic?
Or how about an exotics animal rescue?

Well, we at Dewdney Animal Hospital are both!

We’re hoping to shed some light on the tremendous amount of variety, joy and heartbreak that is our day-to-day. Take a look at our BIG stories of January through March 2016.

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Didn’t know we are a rescue? Here’s a video!

Minbin’s New Lease on Life

Remember Minbindi?

She is an Asiatic Water Monitor that we rescued. Water monitors defend themselves using their tails, claws, and jaws. They are excellent swimmers, using the raised fin on their tails to steer through water. They are carnivores, and consume a wide range of prey. They are known to eat fish, frogs, rodents, birds, crabs, and snakes. They have also been known to eat turtles, as well as young crocodiles and crocodile eggs.

The staff at Dewdney worked very hard on her rehabilitation and training, but as you can see in the video- these animals are fast AND dangerous! Luckily, we were able to train and rehome Minbin (now named Reptar) with a qualified new parent. It is so sweet seeing her doing her thing in her new home.

Here is an update for my staff who worked really hard taming down minbin.

Posted by Dewdney Animal Hospital Ltd. on Friday, January 1, 2016

Wondering what training such a big lizard looks like? Take a look!


Never a Dull Day at Dewdney. Training Bhindi our Water Monitor

Posted by Dewdney Animal Hospital Ltd. on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

8 Hours Under the Knife

Lexus was hit by a car and badly injured.
Rushed by a Good Samaritan to an emergency veterinary clinic, the six-month-old female pup needed extensive surgery to put her back together.

The procedure was 8 hours, which is a new record for Brad Thurlow- who did an amazing job.

She still requires supported walking and my staff have tirelessly worked hard to have her recover. A huge thank you to all of Maple Ridge who have donated to her recovery fund. Without you this beautiful dog would likely faced euthanasia.

Read the full news article here

A Sign of Spring?

A client brought in this little humming bird. A little bit of food and time and it recovered enough to be released!

A client brought in this little humming bird. A little bit of food and time and it recovered enough to be released!!

Posted by Dewdney Animal Hospital Ltd. on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Justice for Willow

It feels like it’s been forever, One year ago the BC SPCA Maple Ridge Branch brought in an emaciated Siberian husky. “Willow” was a sweet dog who formed a strong bond with my youngest daughter. We would like to thank the BC SPCA cruelty division for all their hard work.

When Willow was rescued she weighed only 15 kilograms and should have weighed around 24 kilograms. When she first came in she was unable to lie down due to abdominal pain caused by rocks and soil in her gastrointestinal tract. There were no food remnants in her stomach so we think she was eating gravel to try to stay alive.

Her new owner Dawn says Willow is thriving. She is happy, she has gained weight and all her fur has grown back. They have her on a raw diet that seems to work very well for her sensitive stomach.

Dawn says Willow is very loving and sweet and has an amazing tail. She adds that Willow is a bit of a couch potato, she loves her stuffed animals, being with her family and going for walks.

Read the full article here.

A Bald Eagle gets his Wings

Watch as the Doctors and Staff at Dewdney Animal Hospital repair the wing of an injured 4 year old male Bald eagle.

Wing of an EagleWatch as the Doctors and Staff at Dewdney Animal Hospital repair the wing of an injured 4 year old male Bald eagle. O.W.L. Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society

Posted by Dewdney Animal Hospital Ltd. on Friday, February 19, 2016


It’s not everyday you get to X-ray a fish. Published with owners permission this goldfish is suffering from ascites or fluid in the abdomen. We drained 30 mL and will know more soon!

Fish can be out of water for the 30 seconds it takes to snap the photos. They won’t develop issues until their gills dry out.

Did you know that our very own Dr. Walton’s Masters degree was in aquaculture? He went to school with the intention of working as a fish vet! :)

Community Spirit Award Nomination

We are incredibly proud to have been nominated for the 2015 Community Spirit Award by the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Chamber of Commerce!

We would like to congratulate the Maple Ridge News for winning. They do amazing work!


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